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Empower Your Students to Design Bio-Inspired Solutions to Climate Change! (A02 - GSCE)

Track: GSCE Track 2 - Outdoor
Format: Skill Building Workshops
Full Description: Biomimicry is an approach to innovation that develops sustainable design solutions by studying and applying functional strategies and patterns exhibited in nature. At a time when many students have a fractured relationship to nature, biomimicry-based learning offers a profound shift in how we view and value the natural world and an exciting context for teaching STEM and environmental literacy. This hands-on session will provide an introduction to biomimicry and design thinking. Participants will experience activities from a free collection of Biomimicry Design Challenge lessons - created in a unique partnership between EcoRise and the Biomimicry Institute - and learn first-hand how they can incorporate them into their own classrooms to increase student engagement and environmental literacy, all while developing 21st century skills. Participants will work in teams to create a driving question and experience design activities that lead them through the process of creating, refining, and sharing innovative solutions to climate change. We will highlight past winners from the Biomimicry Institute’s Global Design Challenge - an annual competition that empowers students worldwide to design nature-inspired solutions to critical sustainability problems - and explore how educators and their students can get involved.
Learning Objectives:
  • (1) describe what biomimicry is and how it can be used to teach environmental literacy and STEM concepts;.
  • (2) implement Biomimicry Design Challenge resources to promote environmental literacy, 21st century skills, and support existing educational goals.
  • (3) access free Biomimicry Design Challenge resources and identify the most effective resources to support and empower their students.
  • (4) prepare their students to design a local solution to climate change and submit their design to the Biomimicry Global Design Challenge.
GBCI Credit Hours: 2
BOMI CPD Credit Hours: 2
AIA Credit Hours: 2



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