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How WELL is Your School? Healthy Buildings | Healthy People | Healthy Lifestyle

Track: 01: Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds: Well-being in the School Environment
Format: How-to Workshops
Full Description: The DeKalb County School District promotes student success and healthy schools by supporting wellness, good nutrition, regular physical activity, and environmentally sustainable building features as a part of the total learning environment. Working together, the DeKalb Facilities Services and Nutrition Departments are creating a recipe for WELL schools applying the WELL Building Standard, administered by the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI) in collaboration with GBCI. Concepts that address occupant health in the built environment – Air, Water, Nourishment, Light, Fitness, Comfort and Mind – are the ingredients.

Beginning with a Gap Analysis to determine the features that meet the preconditions of the standard and determining other optimizations that are intended to address health, comfort and knowledge, DeKalb County School District is extending their wellness and sustainability policies to include a look at creating WELL buildings across the district.

Statics have shown that well-nourished students who are physically fit have higher test scores, increased school attendance, and improved classroom behavior, handling the physical and emotional challenges that they encounter with greater ease. With similar lifestyle choices, faculty and staff have better attendance and higher productivity. Imagine the successes schools would have when combining Healthy Buildings | Healthy People | Healthy Lifestyles.

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