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District Waste Management Programs: The Custodial Perspective

Track: 06: Food for Thought: Innovative Ideas in School Food and Waste Management
Format: How-to Workshops
Full Description: Lincoln Public Schools implemented a district-wide recycling program in 2002 and began rolling out a district compost program in 2014. While these programs are district level, we know that each school must take ownership of the implementation process in order to make the program successful and sustainable at the school level. This session will provide insight into school recycling, composting, and other waste management efforts from the perspective of the custodians.

At the district level, the Sustainability Coordinator will briefly explain the program logistics, how custodial input has been incorporated, and the implementation and tracking responsibilities given to custodial staff.

Wysong Elementary has been able to achieve a 75% building diversion rate through its recycling, composting, and other waste reduction efforts. Hear from their custodian about how these efforts were implemented, as well as lessons learned and recommendations for other schools striving to reduce their waste.

Southwest High School was part of the pilot compost program for the district. Hear from the custodian that took on that challenge and how they achieved almost 80% diversion in their cafeteria.

Attendees will be engaged in discussion regarding the varying circumstances custodians are facing with these programs and the potential solutions.

GBCI: 920012277



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