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Bodies in Motion: Designing Healthy Schools as the Third Teacher

Track: 01: Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds: Well-being in the School Environment
Format: Breakout Session
Full Description: More and more health-oriented concepts in architecture that emphasize quality light, color, materials, acoustics and climate are reflected in a growing national priority to plan and design high performance school environments. Research has shown that school design is known to impact student behavior, development, and academic performance by contributing to the health, well-being and cognitive capacity of children and adolescents. Alongside growing public interest in how physical designs of school buildings (architecture, interior spaces, and landscaping) promote healthy behaviors, there is an emergent need to address the impact of school design on psycho-social outcomes like well-being, concentration, social interaction and mental capacities which are known to be strongly dependent on environmental factors. School pedagogues talk about space as “the third teacher” in which the living environment of space directly and indirectly influences the complex physical, mental and emotional interaction of the whole person. However, work to develop tools and research focused at the building scale has been limited. Spaces oriented towards the complex behavioral needs of human beings are urgently needed in order to prevent psychosomatic diseases and symptoms, and to increase the motivation to work, learn, perform and attain social well-being.

GBCI: 920012280



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