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A Walk in the Woods Inside a City School

Track: 01: Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds: Well-being in the School Environment
Format: Breakout Session
Full Description: It is common knowledge that access to natural light, good air quality and proper acoustics have a positive impact on learning. However what other elements of the physical environment can improve the wellbeing and academic success of all students? Trauma informed design principles and best practices for supporting children who have experienced traumatic events are relevant and applicable to a range of school settings and can enhance the experience of all students. This session uses Codman Academy Charter Public School (Dorchester, MA) as a case study to illustrate these concepts. We will describe Codman Academy’s history and mission, the design vision for its new K-8 school, and measurable results on student performance. Presenters will review current research on the impact of trauma on children and will offer strategies for incorporating trauma informed design principles to school environments. We will also discuss design elements that can impact students with a variety of stresses. This session seeks to broaden our green design toolkit to better meet the needs of diverse student populations. It would be of interest to a wide range of administrators, architects, designers, sustainability leaders, and school/community partners.

GBCI: 920012264



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