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Reducing Plate Waste Through Reduction, Recovery and Recycling

Track: 06: Food for Thought: Innovative Ideas in School Food and Waste Management
Format: How-to Workshops
Full Description: The USDA will discuss proper purchasing and inventorying to create less food waste. For the unavoidable waste, we’ll look at food sharing tables and food donation programs and the challenges involved in those programs, including local regulations.

Palm Beach County school’s sustainability coordinator will give the “how to” to set up recycling, including milk and juice carton recycling. Some of their schools have food sharing and donation programs. Lisa will tell us how those programs were implemented and how they are working.

The Carton Council representative will go over issues that come up when implementing carton recycling including: what are the elements of a recycling station (a place to put residual milk, a trash can, a recycling bin). What do you need to consider when starting a program? Where is the sink to dump the milk? Do you need an additional bin for the cartons or can they go into an existing recycling bin? What else can be recycled on the lunch tray? What about signage? All three will cover the positive impact these programs are having to reduce costs and the environmental impact of handling food and packaging throughout the life cycle of feeding children in school.

GBCI: 920012300



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