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Building to Our Beliefs: How School Facilities Can Embody Shared Values

Track: 01: Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds: Well-being in the School Environment
Format: How-to Workshops
Full Description: It can be easy for a school to lose sight of its values as it goes through the intense and detail-oriented process for design and construction of a new school. This session will show how two schools kept their values at the center of the process, and used guiding principles based on these values to drive decision-making through design and construction. Chartiers Valley School District outside Pittsburgh, PA is in the midst of an $80M building project, and used an innovative, thoughtful and inclusive design process to truly understand what was important to the school community. Common Ground Charter High School, located on public park land in New Haven, CT, recently completed a $10 million project integrating education and sustainability in a new green building and enhanced school campus.

This lively session will offer participants practical experience in exploring and articulating values and principles to serve as a compass for major capital projects. Participants will then hear unique case studies from the two schools that highlight the similarities and differences between the schools’ approaches, structures, and results of a values-driven design process. Participants will leave this session with a clear road map for how to incorporate your community values into school design, and a clear understanding of the challenges that arise when actually applying values driven design to a publicly funded construction project .

GBCI: 920012272



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