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School Change for Sustainability Through District Administration

Track: 07: Holistic, Healthy and High-Performing: Whole School Sustainability from Top to Bottom
Format: Breakout Session
Full Description: Whitefish School District is becoming more sustainable through innovative programming and collaboration between curriculum and facilities. In Whitefish, student and teacher implemented whole-school sustainability programming is being coordinated by district level administration. Through a strategic partnership between the Curriculum Director and the Maintenance Director, the district is taking significant steps towards reducing the school’s ecological impact, improving the overall health and wellness for students and teachers, and connecting learning outcomes to sustainability through personalized and deeper learning. This shared presentation allows participants to understand the innovation that happens when curriculum and facilities-related decisions are integrated to promote sustainability. This presentation details the process of collaboration and programming that is occurring at Whitefish School District. The session provides participants with a clear pathway for achieving a powerful level of collaborative leadership within a school district. Topics within the presentation include leadership approaches, strategic partnerships, the development of efficient systems and procedures, creating school culture and educational practices that are in alignment with sustainability, and developing systems of measurement and evaluation to ensure programming outcomes. Multiple topics of sustainability programming will be explored through a clear process-oriented sequence that results in meaningful takeaways for future action.

GBCI: 920012297



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