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Crafting Sustainable Community Action Projects From a Student-Centered Perspective

Track: 05: Informed, Involved, and Inspired: Engaging Students Around Sustainability
Format: How-to Workshops
Full Description: In this engaging session, participants will be trained in the methodology of teaching sustainability to students in a way that not only maximizes student engagement, but also incorporates the entire school environment and community at large. Currently, sustainability projects in schools tend to be top-down activities with the students being only marginally involved in key decision making and/or only engaging with sustainability as part of one class or club. This session will equip participants with the tools to break down those barriers. In session, participants will receive direct instruction in how to make sustainability cross-curricular, how to make sustainability nearly completely student-centered, and how to make sustainability empowering and fun for learners of all ages. Attendees will get the benefit of hearing success stories from five years of facilitating these types of projects in a middle school in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

GBCI: 920012275



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