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Developing a Sense of Place through Nature Journaling and Phenology

Track: 03: Living Laboratories: Teaching in the Great Outdoors
Format: How-to Workshops
Full Description: Sense of place inspires people to care about the land, to view their surroundings with respect and reverence. Developing a sense of place happens through repeated experiences with and knowledge of the world around us. In this workshop, participants will learn two techniques used at Green Ribbon Prairie Crossing Charter School to foster a sense of place in our students -- nature journaling and phenology. Nature journaling allows students dedicated time to observe the natural world and reflect upon it through writing and drawing. Attendees will learn how to incorporate nature journaling into a standards-based academic curriculum, and will participate in specific prompts and activities to use with students of varying ages and abilities. Phenology -- the study of natural changes through the seasons -- provides a framework for using scientific observations and data collection to gain deep knowledge of natural systems and patterns. Participants will discover how we set up a spiraling phenology curriculum, starting with a class tree and ending with participation in citizen science data reporting. Attendees will collect phenology data and discuss the potential for curriculum integration and community connections. Experienced teachers will discuss successes and challenges with these programs, and focus on inclusion of all students.

GBCI: 920012274



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