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Teaching Through the Lens of Sustainability

Track: 07: Holistic, Healthy and High-Performing: Whole School Sustainability from Top to Bottom
Format: How-to Workshops
Full Description: We will demonstrate how teachers at Environmental Charter School use Visible Thinking Routines and Human-Centered Design to create a mindset of sustainability in our learning community. We feel that these methods teach students how to look for interconnections, digest complex ideas, and approach overwhelming topics such as climate change and our own impact on the environment. Attendees will actively participate in sample activities which they can replicate in their own classrooms. They will collaborate with others in their content areas to brainstorm resources and best practices, and problem solve obstacles that they face within their learning community, such as time restraints, siloed curriculum, and the focus on high-stakes testing. Attendees will leave inspired, motivated, and with the tools they need to teach through the lens of sustainability in their own learning environments.

GBCI: 920012278



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